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HOW TO MAKE A Payment Proof

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HOW TO MAKE A Payment Proof Empty HOW TO MAKE A Payment Proof

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 26, 2008 2:18 pm


This is how to make a Payment Proof.

Step 1: Open your AlertPay account, to make a screenshot press PRINT SCRN (Print Screen) on your top right keyboard.

Step 2: Open Paint (Click Start >All programs>Accesories>Paint)

Step 3: Paste your screenshot in Paint (ctrl+v or Paste) and click on the monitor and adjust it the way you like, and save it as a file. (PNG or Jpeg is fine)

Step 4: Now go to Image Shack and Browse to your screenshot and then click ''Host it''

Step 5: You will be directed to a new page where you can find many types of methods to bring out the image. Copy the link Thumbnails for forums or Hotlink for forums.

Step 6: Now we are ready to post it on the forum, in the category ''Payment Proof''. Now make a new thread, wright some information it in, and copy your link of the screenshot in the thread. Your done!



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