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wjob.eu!Earn Egold by leaving your computer on !

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wjob.eu!Earn Egold by leaving your computer on ! Empty wjob.eu!Earn Egold by leaving your computer on !

Post  nvkhanh86 on Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:48 am

Hi !
I found a great site on the net which pays you to surf !!

As you can read on the site, they only pay with E-Gold and NOT with PayPal, so just signup for a free e-gold account. You can do exactly the same with an e-gold account then with a Paypal account, the only difference is that you cannot retract your payment = safer for sellers !!

But what do i have to do for this, im confused

Default Earnings 0.7 credits/visit
Referral levels 3 levels.
Referral Earnings 0.15 0.05 0.01 credits/level/referral hit

Payout 6$ for 60000 credits

1. Sign Up here: !


2. Login and start surfing via the autosurf.
3. DO NOT Put any sites in your account for traffic, you will loose credits which you can sell for cash !
4. After you reached the 50000 = $ 5credit payout limit, you can request a payment.

You DO NOT have to promote any URL.
You DO NOT have to invest money for this
You DO NOT Have to have refs to make some decent money
You DO NOT Have to install adaware.
You DO NOT Have to click banner or ads

You can make about 2500-3500 credits a day without referalls.


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